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Archive of Tsunami Open 2

Welcome to the Tsunami Mats Tournament Page

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Our upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh TCG tournament is The Tsunami Open #2

hosted by Tsunami Mats and ATSpectre8k

  • Swiss Online Tournament with Top Cut Single Elimination
  • Eternity Code is LEGAL
  • Hosted on Duelingbook
  • Start time 2PM EST May 2th 2020
  • Signup
  • Stream
  • Discord
  • Entry: $6
  • Please send your your entry fee on Paypal with your Duelingbook Username and Email in the description
Rules and Regulations
  • Tournament utilizes the most current Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Banlist (Effective April 1st 2020)
  • Rounds will be 50 minutes; with end of match procedures beings turns (0, 1, 2, 3).
  • No decklist required until Top Cut
  • Head-Judged by: ATSpectre8k with support from NelsonTsunami and SmartChris
  • Duelingbook’s Advanced Unrated servers will be utilized for the duration of the tournament
  • Match disconnection will equate to a game loss; players will then  proceed to the next game of the match (2 or 3)
  • Lateness: 3 minutes is a game loss, 10 minutes is a match loss
  • Please send your replay into the Tsunami Mats discord channel.
Round Procedures

Please join the Tsunami Mats Discord at:

Each round will have a new discord chat along with a link to the pairings. e.g: #round-1

At the end of the round, please report the winner of the match along with the table number into the appropriate round chat. e.g. #round-1

At the start of the round, please join the appropriate table numbered voice chat in the Tsunami Mats discord.

3 minutes late to the table results in a game loss; 10 minutes late will result in a match loss

Please DO NOT have a locked room, otherwise we will not be able to answer judge calls.

If you need to contact a judge,
please message us in the #judge-calls text room on discord with your table number:

  • ATSpectre8k (Head Judge)
  • NelsonTsunami (Assistant Judge)
  • SmartChris (Assistant Judge)
Top Cut & Prize Breakdown prize